Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge won’t Forgive Brooke- Already Married to Shauna! Will Eric Comfort her? 

One thing is for sure when it comes to Love triangle, Bold and the Beautiful really know how to keep the fans asking for more. 

As we all know, after the big ‘Brill’ kissing video reveal at the reunion party, things went south ways for Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan Forrester. 

Now the B&B spoilers say that Brooke may turn into a homewrecker after she loses her chance to get back her husband.

Does this mean that Ridge and Shauna Fulton are married? And will Eric Forrester come to her after he finds out what really happened? 

Brooke’s Desperation

We all know how she brought back her drunk husband from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. B&B spoilers reveal that Brooke takes drastic measures just to reclaim her man when she finds out he is in Vegas with Shauna.

However, B&B fans may remember how Ridge and Brooke had both signed the divorce papers, but the papers were never filed. 

Could Ridge have done that when he left for Vegas? Back in Forrester mansion, Brooke will try to talk to Ridge, saying how she called him for million times. 

When he hasn’t even fully gotten out of bed, Brooke will try to get her way back to his right side. But will it really work?

The Wedding Chapel in Vegas

As we all saw, the last scene between Ridge and Shauna was off kissing passionately, and in the background, we saw them standing in front of the wedding chapel. 

Even though Ridge has a hard time remembering everything that has happened but by the looks of it, Shauna does. Is there something she is not telling Ridge? 

It might be the reason why she was tearful when she said goodbye to him, right? So while he is acting weird with Brooke, he begged Shauna not to walk away from him. 

It clearly looks like Ridge has no plan to get back together with Brooke, so just because Shauna said her farewell does not mean she is about to be gone forever, right? And if Shauna and Ridge are indeed married, then a lot of things can happen. 

It is either Ridge will remember everything and goes back to her, and Brooke will turn into a homewrecker or Bridge may get together only because Shauna said goodbye. But later she can come back and claim that she is married to Ridge. 

And Eric could come to rescues his dear Brooke and end things with his own wife! 

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