Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sally and Flo’s confrontation ends in Tragedy, Is someone in danger? 

Bold and the Beautiful fans, I hope you guys are ready for what is coming up. The B&B spoilers state that the confrontation between Flo Fulton and Sally Spectra is going to end in a dramatic mode. 

You guys all know how for weeks, Sally has been lying about her terminal illness and how she is about to die just to get her ex- Wyatt Spencer. 

Talking about going to lengths for love, right? And we all know how Wyatt and Flo decided that it is best for them to be separated and for him to go back to Sally after they find out about her illness. 

However, B&B fans all saw how Flo was growing suspicious about Sally’s illness, and now she is in detective mode. When she digs into Dr. Penny Escobar’s computer, what will she find? 

Felon back to her Felony

You guys know all about how Flo goes to Dr. Escobar’s office to find some information on what is really wrong with Sally’s health. 

But when she did not get the information she wanted, Flo decided to take the matters in her own hand. So when Penny is not in her office, Flo breaks into the doctor’s computer. 

Now, what does she find, or is it the matter of what she didn’t notice? Right now, B&B writers seem to be on the road to redeem the Felon by trashing Sally. 

And sure faking her illness is not right, but she also did not stole and sold someone’s baby. However, it is what it is, so the only question left is what will happen next when she snoops in the medical records. 

Dr. Faker Punches Flo

The B&B spoilers say that when Flo oversteps, the doctor will end up taking her down, which will leave Sally shocked. Is Flo’s life in danger? As we all know how she is breaking the law when she breaks into the doctor’s computer to hack in Sally’s medical records. 

Which can send the Felon back to the slammer! And as far as she is concerned, Sally is about to die, so why would she kick her out of Wyatt’s house? 

Do you think Flo is about to die when she finds out the truth and confronts Sally and Penny? And what will happen when Penny knocks Flo down, and Wyatt walks right on time? 

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