Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ultimate schemer returns as a truly new man, Psychiatric Treatment works! 

Well, Bold and the Beautiful fans all know how Thomas Forrester was humiliated in front of everyone in his wedding ceremony. And now the B&B spoilers say that the ultimate Schemer has disappeared and it is probably just for the time being. 

He might return one of these days, but what will he return as? The same man as before or a changed one? There is a possibility that the soap’s Villian can change and be a good man, right? 

Thomas’s Justified exit

We all knew before all of the wedding drama and disaster, Thomas was hoping to finally get the one thing he had been hoping for a very long time. You guys all know what that is, or should I say who it is! Hope Logan is all Thomas had his eyes on, but he had no clue that the tables were turning, and everyone is about to find out his truth. 

So his wedding to Zoe Buckingham went a little different than he was hoping for. So not only was he exposed but shunned by his family and sent to a treatment facility. 

Mathew Atkinson will Return

Although Thomas is out of the scenes, for now, the actor Mathew Atkinson who portrays the ultimate villain, is still on the show. 

So one of these days, he will return, but the only question is, will he return as the same old obsessed man, or could it be worst? Or maybe he will return as someone who knows what he did was wrong and wants to change! Can someone like Thomas really change? 

Who will be the new villain in B&B? 

It is not a new story if a soap villain redeems themselves. Sometimes they are given a mental illness storyline to explain their doings other times, and they go through something traumatic that changes their life. 

And some do a complete 180 by the powerful force of love, like Quinn Forrester, right? Although her actions may not be justified at present. 

So if Thomas comes back as a rational being, then B&B needs a new villain in town who can stir trouble, right? Right now, Quinn seems to be going back to her old ways.

And if someone good turns bad, then it will leave us shocked. Will Thomas return for revenge, or will he be a cured man? 

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