General Hospital Spoilers April 20-24: Mike’s medical crisis troubles Sonny, Willow & Michael’s marriage drama

As the new week begins, the drama is certainly heating up in this fictional town of Port Charles. First, Nikolas Cassadine will make a stand for Ava Jerome despite their marriage only being a sham. Well, Charlotte Cassadine is in the middle of this crisis, so Nik has no other option but to stand up for Ava.

Now, people were confident that Nik’s war with Valentin was over, but we wonder if Charlotte’s recent snake prank will ignite their disputes again. All the while, Lulu Spencer is concerned about her daughter’s behavior. She believes that Charlotte is picking on all the habits of Valentin in the drama.

Also, Valentin feels that Lulu might be right, so he might think of dropping the custody case for now. If this were to happen, Lulu would take the lead for this the best thing that can happen for the time being.

General Hospital Clip: It's My House Now

Ava's hoping Elizabeth can help lift Nikolas' spirits. #GH

Posted by General Hospital on Thursday, 16 April 2020

Week of April 20 till 24

Meanwhile, Sonny Corinthos has to ditch an essential meeting with Cyrus Renault. It seems like Mike Corbin will have a severe seizure while Sonny gets the updates from Turning Woods. This might genuinely be the end for Mike while his condition got terrible to worst.

Over with Sam McCall, she might make an apology to Alexis Davis for all the things she said in recent times. But Alexis will admit that Sam was spot on with the things that really is true. Now, she tends to make some changes while she appreciates Sam’s efforts and honesty regarding the case.

Elsewhere, Sasha Gilmore and Harrison Chase will make preparations for their plans in the week ahead. However, Willow Tait will be devastated with what’s in store, for she is heading towards a wedding with Michael Corinthos.

Sasha makes the final push while Michael and Willow have no other option but to get married for Wiley’s sake. Now, Nelle Benson is occupied with Nina Reeves as they work on their connection. Nina wants to learn more about Nelle and her background in the drama.

As for Jordan Ashford, she might consider leaving her job as a police commissioner behind. She might battle with the decision of whether she should resign or not, so let’s see what she does.

Finally, Lulu will receive a startling phone all in the week ahead. She will be shocked by this phone call, which might involve Dante Falconeri, or it could be something else.

So, stay tuned to find out more about the spoilers of General Hospital.

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