General Hospital Spoilers: Liesl escapes custody, Knows Drew Cain is alive, Brings him back home

General Hospital fans look like there is a lot about to happen. The spoilers indicate that Lisel Obrecht is about to escape the custody in Europe before her trail starts. We all know how Peter August was able to pin his crimes on her and framed her. 

Since she is running away will she be coming back with Drew Cain in the future? And will the two takedowns Peter together? 

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Posted by General Hospital on Thursday, 9 April 2020

Peter’s next Move, Throws Robert Scorpio off track

Gh viewers may recall the time when Peter called in a distraction to take Robert Scorpio off his back and off his trail in Tuesday, April 14’s episode. When they were at Anna Devane’s house for Violet Barnes’ birthday party. 

Robert said he wanted to make peace with Peter but Peter knew better than to believe him. And the supposed ‘Distraction’ could lead to Peter’s undoing. What better way it is to distract Robert than him making sure Liesl does not make it into the trail, even though she was his scapegoat, right? 

Maybe Peter’s intentions now will be to kill Liesl but we all know she knows how to watch her own back. So will she escape Peter’s henchmen and fake her own death? However, it will not be surprising to see Peter put out an kill on sight order for Liesl when he finds out she can use her overseas contact to get her out of all the charges he framed on her. 

Liesl Looking for Drew Cain

Well, after her running away and fake death she might try looking for Drew Cain, right? Turkey is not that far from Afghanistan and neither is Russia, so the two places that she could look for Drew is the Boronsky Clinic in Russia where Jason Morgan was held as Patient Six for five years. 

And the other is Turkish Prison where Duke Lavery was being held many years when he was presumed dead just like Jason was and Drew is now! Could he have been taken hostage as a foreigner? 

If the DVX had intercepted Drew than he could be in one of those facilities. And if she is able to locate the living Drew then they both can work on making Peter pay right? And If Andre Maddox is able to bring back Drew’s memory than the two can take him down!

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