General Hospital Spoilers: Mike life-threatening seizure haunts Sonny’s nightmare, Not ready to lose dad

We all know that Sonny Corinthos is all about family, and he has been like this for a long time. People see him as a mobster, but when it comes to family, there is nothing he would not do.

Now, there are some disturbing updates for Sonny, and despite his previous tragedies, he might find it a bit difficult to recover from.

As we know, he has plenty of money and friends all around the city, but none of them can solve his future problems. We have seen him devoted to his wife, kids, and family, which also includes his father.

Sonny not ready to lose his father

Some of you might agree on the fact that Mike Corbin has played a vital role in Sonny’s mob life. Despite having a complicated history, they have a blood connection. Well, Mike was not a devoted family person while he left his son to grow up all alone.

Sonny had a shattering childhood while he had no place to call home. After a long time, the father and son had a reconnection, but there was still more left to do. After years of disappearing on Sonny, Mike could never be the fatherly figure.

It takes a lot of time and effort to mend the broken fences and heal a fractured relationship. Well, we had seen them have a shot on their relationship, and finally, when things were working out, Sonny will eventually lose his dad.

Mike does not have long to live because of Alzheimer’s. Talking about the recent times, he is at Turning Woods, and Sonny will soon get a call from the memory care facility.

Mike’s critical seizure

The authorities might break the news that his father has had a critical seizure. This news would certainly turn his world upside down. Also, this means that things have gone from bad to worst, and this might be the end for Mike.

Now, many people have told that Mike does not have a lot to live, but Sonny keeps refusing to believe this. But now, what other options does he have. No matter what he thinks, he can’t change fate while he is also not ready to let his dad go.

We can only imagine how Sonny would react to this all while Mike could also say something to his son that will rock his world.

What do you think will happen? Do comment your thoughts below.

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