General Hospital Spoilers: Nina and Carly head for war, Mom saves long-lost daughter from Corinthos clan

General Hospital fans, it looks like a new major war is about to take place. 

The GH spoiler indicates that a significant battle is brewing in Port Charles between Nina Reeves and Carly Corinthos.

The fans all know how Nina’s missing necklace is at the bottom of Nelle Benson Archer’s keepsake box. Hence proves that Nelle is Nina’s long-lost daughter. 

Similarities between mother and daughter

In the week of April 13 to 17, we will get to see Nina comparing her past to Nelle’s life and will even find some common ground that she regrets. 

We all know how Carly Corinthos had mentioned something about Nelle being crazy, and Nina had objected to the statement and her use of the term. 

That led to Carly’s comment on Nina and how she seeked the help she needed. No matter what, Nina saw some of herself in Nelle, although it sounds horrifying. 

Nina will even open up to Jasper Jacks about it and later will end up having a conversation with her bio-daughter.

But she will not have a clue about that in that part. However, the two will have a bit stronger bond on the week of April 20-24, as Nina will learn more about Nelle. 

Maybe Nelle might even open up about her time in a mental institution. And GH fan may recall the time when Carly acted like it was just a big joke and also shamed Nelle when the information came out. That might even score some sympathy point from Nina if she does open up!

General Hospital Clip: That Makes Us Sisters

Nelle reminds Carly that they met long before she came to Port Charles.

Posted by General Hospital on Thursday, 9 April 2020

Growing Bonds

GH spoilers reveal that Nelle will express her gratitude towards the growing bond with Nina. GH is setting up for a beautiful connection between the two, which will eventually lead to their link. 

There are certainly some things the show can bring up while they work their way up to Nina and Nelle’s bonding angle. 

General Hospital Clip: The Last Five Minutes (April 9th, 2020)

Nina has a feeling her daughter is out there, somewhere. Enjoy the conclusion of today's all-new #GH – exclusively on Facebook Watch!

Posted by General Hospital on Thursday, 9 April 2020

This could set up a fierce war between Nina and Nelle’s long term nemesis, Carly herself. 

And once the secret is out, the bond between the two will only strengthen. While Carly will try to remind Nina of Nelle’s doings and all the crimes and horrible behavior, Nina will not stand against her own flesh and blood, will she?

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