The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Old Bill returns to protect Douglas from Thomas

Douglas’ emotional breakdown

Douglas Forrester finds himself in a problematic spot again, so it looks like his run of bad times has just begun. As of now, Thomas Forrester has done some pretty lousy job of being a fatherly figure to his little boy. Douglas has been nothing but upset about his father’s newfound romance with Zoe Buckingham.

Thomas had it all planned out to provoke a reaction from his son, which would then effect Hope Logan in the wrong way. As we know, Douglas did react, and he was indeed upset about everything happening around. He then questioned Hope for why Thomas kissed Zoe.

He was distraught that Zoe would replace his new mommy, so Hope has some serious concerns about the matter. On the other hand, Liam Spencer knows all about the trick that Thomas intends to play. But despite knowing the end game, he is powerless to do anything at the moment.

Bill learns about Thomas’ intentions to hurt Douglas

Also, Bill Spencer learned some horrifying details regarding the villain’s upcoming plans. Bill heard enough from Brooke Logan and Liam, so he will be prompted to call Thomas for their little chat. He was also thinking about Caroline Spencer’s legacy in Douglas.

So, non-of this is going to make him happy once he finds out that Douglas is having an emotional meltdown. After all, the little boy is also a half Spencer. So, he has the responsibility to protect Douglas from harm’s way, or we can say from Thomas himself.

Talking about recent times, Bill has shown a soft side for these couple of months. He is not the same old person that he used to be before, so now he might decide to turn back to his old ways only for the sake of Douglas.

Dollar Bill steps up against Thomas

Also, he is the only person who can step up against Thomas in a heated battle. All of us do agree that Bill is a man of action, and he would not hesitate to bring his enemies down by any means possible. Meanwhile, Liam is desperately trying to expose Thomas, but the harsh reality is that Hope does not believe anything that the man has to say.

Hope is wholly disturbed with Liam’s growing relationship with Steffy Forrester, so she has no intention of trusting the man again. However, Bill is not like Liam at all. He would undoubtedly take a devious route if he needs something done.

Please tell us what you think of the storylines ahead.

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