Young and the Restless Spoilers April 20-24: Theo gets fired, Victor explodes his secrets and Sharon’s surgery prep

As we recall, Sharon Newman is frightened of her upcoming surgery, but she has no other option but to prepare for what’s coming. Well, she is definitely showing a brave face, but she is deeply concerned about going into the operating room again.

As for Nick Newman, he tends to support her throughout these horrifying experiences. Also, Nick does a favor as he supports Faith Newman to cope through this case in the drama. Also, there’s another person who needs to know about the surgery, and that’s Adam Newman.

So, Sharon might call in a favor for Nick and request him to tell Adam about her cancer surgery. She is quite stressed at the moment so Nick might take the job.

Elsewhere, Amanda Sinclair knows what she is worth, so she will play hard to get in front of Billy Abbott and Amanda Sinclair. She might make a fare negotiation regarding the rate while preparing a deal for Chancellor Media.

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Coming up on Y&R, Theo gets fired, Amanda and Billy reach an agreement and Nikki pleads with Victor for the truth.

Posted by The Young and the Restless on Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Week of April 20-24

Meanwhile, Chloe Mitchell is desperately waiting for the birth of her baby boy, and along with that comes a sweet baby shower. Also, we can expect to see Kevin Fisher being there to celebrate their happiness.

Talking about Nick, he has to settle the scores with Adam, so Phyllis Summers might play an essential role in this. She might have a plan on how she can help her man in the drama.

The Newman family is in chaos at the moment, while Victor Newman also has some scheming of his own. He wants to gain control over Adam, but it might be a bit difficult than expected.

As the end of this week approaches, we can expect to see a massive secret reveal which will rock the entire Newman family. It will all be related to Victor’s cover-up while Adam learns secret as the whole.


Victor finally tells Nikki about what happened in Kansas.

Posted by The Young and the Restless on Thursday, 16 April 2020

Finally, Theo Vanderway will find himself in an awkward position as he gets caught stealing. He will be busted for copying Kyle’s pitch, which is why Jack Abbott grants Kyle permission to handle Theo in his own way.

Theo will soon regret his action and promise to do never to do this again. However, Kyle has no intention of forgiving his brother, and it seems like Theo will be fired pretty soon.

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