Young and the Restless Spoilers Monday, April 20: Theo gets busted for stealing Jack’s pitches, Sharon needs help

As we know, Sharon Newman is preparing for the upcoming surgery, so she calls a favor from Nick Newman. She will have a special request while she needs some things done before her surgery. We can see that Sharon does not like to make more trouble for her loved ones at the moment, but she has no other option but to find balance with the things happening around.

So, in this episode, Sharon needs help from Nick regarding Faith Newman and her emotional state. It’s a fact that Sharon’s condition has taken a negative toll on her daughter, and Faith is going through a stressful ordeal.

How would her daughters react if something was to happen? Well, a procedure like this will always have risks, so it’s only natural for Sharon to prepare for the worst in the drama.

Besides this, she will also request Nick to tell Adam Newman about her condition. She cannot leave him out of this, but we wonder if Nick can do the job or not. Let’s see if Adam learns about Sharon’s surgery before or after in the drama.

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Coming up on Y&R, Theo gets fired, Amanda and Billy reach an agreement and Nikki pleads with Victor for the truth.

Posted by The Young and the Restless on Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Y&R’s episode on Monday, April 24

Meanwhile, Theo Vanderway and Kyle Abbott have a big day ahead as they prepare to present their pitches in the drama. It’s up to Jack Abbott to decide the winner of this competition, but Theo does not know that he is walking into a trap.

It seems like Theo will pitch his work to Jack in a misunderstanding that it belongs to Kyle’s. Well, this is all a part of Summer Newman’s trap, so he is heading towards a disaster in the drama.

Now, Theo’s stolen proposal will actually be that of Jack’s from almost 15 years ago. So, Jack will conclude that Theo is a thief who will be the end of his time at Jabot.

It won’t take long until the man is fired while Kyle is happy about his victory. Summer and Kyle will finally get rid of Theo in the drama.

Finally, Amanda Sinclair is ready to make a deal with Billy Abbott and Lily Winters, but she might make it hard to reach an agreement. Billy and Lily will find it challenging to convince Amanda. Despite that, they will try their best to hire her services, for she is the best at what she does.

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