Young and the Restless Spoilers: Summer pregnant with Theo’s baby, Skyle gets doomed forever

The spoilers tease that Summer Newman is heading towards a shocker in the drama. It might be related to a possible pregnancy and the secret about the baby daddy. If she was to be pregnant then the father would definitely be a member of the Abbott family.

Summer gets pregnant

It seems like her relationship with Kyle Abbott will also be affected by this news. After all the man’s been through, their relationship might be coming to an end. As we know, Kyle left his wife to be with Summer but an unexpected baby drama could change the entire course of direction for this couple.

They thought that they had left their problems in the past but that’s not the case. Summer could possibly be pregnant with Theo Vanderway’s baby. It’s a fact that she had a wild fling with Theo before she moved on to Kyle.

She had some intimate moments with Theo and Kyle so the rumors could turn out to be true in the drama. Talking about Lola Rosales will receive a call regarding her Miami restaurant. There might be an issue because of which she needs to flu out of time for the moment.

Kyle and Summer doomed!

However, when the pregnancy drama explodes, Theo will not have Lola beside him at the moment. He just does not know that a horrible storm is heading his way so he might be all alone to face this disaster.

While Lola moves out of town for a while, she will assure Theo that she will be back in no time. He is at war with Kyle and Summer so Lola wants to support Theo as soon as she is back.

Meanwhile, Summer and Kyle have taken the advantage and they will get rid of Theo in the weeks ahead. It seems like Theo will directly fall for the trap while Jack Abbott fires him for stealing his work.

So, the couple will believe that they have won the game but they have no idea what’s about to hit them in the drama. If Summer ever turns out to be pregnant then there is always the possibility that the baby father could be none other than Theo.

The speculations reveal that Summer will soon end up having a bun in the oven and when that happens, Skyle is doomed to be over.

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